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What is Yoga ?

The word YOGA is derived from the Sanskrit word Yuj and has two meanings: "concentration " and "union ".


It is a discipline of the body and the mind that includes various exercises and techniques. Through his practice, the Yogi can balance and connect all aspects of his being: physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual. It thus balances all the elements necessary for a rich and harmonious life .


“When the restlessness of the mind, the intellect and the self is appeased by the practice of Yoga, the Yogi, by the grace of the Spirit in him, finds fulfillment. " Bhagavad Gita


At first, the physical aspect is often what attracts people to practice Yoga. Carrying out postures,  called Asanas, helps to maintain the body in good health: to build muscle, to release tension, to massage the internal organs, thus improving their functioning, to increase and maintain the flexibility of the spine, muscles and joints.

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