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Yoga for teens

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Teenage years is a period of life when many reference points are changed.This period of changes, particularly physical and hormonal, is more or less easy to go through depending on the individual. No longer a child, but not yet an adult, teens sometimes do not really know how to position themselves. This period is one of self-construction and affirmation during which the teen places the foundations of his adult life.


Changes in the body, more or less rapid, generally destabilize teens. Growth spurts and hormonal changes alter their appearance and metabolism, sometimes causing discomfort due to misunderstanding. The practice of yoga helps to build confidence in oneself and in one's body and thus to build a healthy relationship with it. Understanding what your strengths and weaknesses are allows you to get to know yourself better and develop love for yourself.


Hormonal changes and changes in social relationships increase and diversify the range of emotions that adolescents face. Breathing and meditation exercises help the teenager to calm his mind and provide him with tools to recognize and manage his emotions in his daily life.


The Yoga class offers a space to meet oneself in a non-competitive, kind and caring environment. Discovering and acquiring the benefits of Yoga during teenage years is a huge opportunity to then move forward more serenely in adult life.

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